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Welcome to the website of Johan van Soest.

Here you can find all kinds of information about:
[*] About Johan van Soest.
Do you know me and want to get in touch? Just fill in the response form by clicking on the postcard image in the menu.
For a short résumé you can click the link above, a business résumé can be found on my English LinkedIn page. By clicking on the postcard image, an extended résumé can be requested.
[*] His hobbies.
Hardware, software, programming and reading are amongst the hobbies of Johan. There is also a page dedicated to the rock-band The Beatles.
[*] The ICT-Hotlist.
This knowledge base contains valuable ICT, hardware, software, Active Directory and network related articles and free samples. There are also hyperlinks to funny and general purpose sites.
[*] Purpose and goal of this site.
Beside the website purpose, there is more to be found on this website. For example the Citrix 101 page where the Citrix end user is explained what XenApp is and how he/she can work the most effective with Citrix. Also read the Business Continuity Management pages full of hints.

If you want to react to the contents of this website, please click the postcard image Postcard image in the menu.

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