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Cookie and Privacy Statement

[This is an English translation of the original Dutch text and is provided for your convenience, always refer to the Dutch text for legal issues.]


Because of changes to the Dutch Telecommunication law (Art 11.7a), as a result of changes in European law, wants to inform you about the use of cookies on the web site
Will you also read the Privacy statement?

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on the hard disk/SSD of your computer, or memory of your mobile device while you visit a website.
There are session cookies and permanent cookies. Cookies can be used to record login codes, preferences and favorites. Cookies can also be used to support the shopping cart function of a website. Third party cookies can be used for advertising and tracing purposes.

Which kind of cookies is the website using?

The cookies that places on your system are temporary session cookies. These cookies do not contain personal information and are automatically placed by the Microsoft IIS Webserver. When you leave the website, these cookies must be removed by your web browser.
The cookies used by the website are legally categorized as functional cookies. It is not required to report the use of functional cookies because they do not contain personal information and will not be used by third parties.


A session cookie file contains the following information:
Name    : ASPSESSION....
Value   : A completely random code that cannot be traced to an actual person
Domain  :
Expires : session

The website does not use the FaceBook, Twitter and Google+ ("Like", Tweet" and "G+") buttons so they cannot place tracking cookies on your computer.


Usage of personal information by

All personal data provided by the user, including online forms, will be registered by the website to respond to your questions and remarks in the best possible way.


The website automatically collects anonymous data that cannot be traced back to actual visitors. This data is collected to:
  • tune the website for its visitors
  • improve the web sites readability on your computer/tablet/GSM with the data your browser provides
  • add more interesting information on the most visited pages or improve other pages / make them better accessible
  • improve security by registering attempted misuse
Tool used is: The extended WebHalla W3C log contains:
  • Date & time of visit
  • Your IP
  • Visited Server IP, Port connection type
  • Visited pages
  • HTTP Result
  • Browser and Operating system version

Response form

If you want to react to the contents of this website, you can click the postcard image Postcard image in the left menu. This will open a form where you can enter:
  • First Name: Any name or alias you enter.
  • Middle name: Optional.
  • Last name(s): Any name or alias you enter.
  • e-mail: The e-mail address you provide to get in touch with.
  • Remarks: Any free text you enter as a remark or comment. Please be aware that all data entered will be send using public e-mail services.
  • Your IP-address: automatically registered should you report a problem.
  • Your Hostname: automatically registered should you report a problem.
The data provided, with consent, is used to send an e-mail to the mailing system of in the EU to provide you with an answer if requested, and to your mail-address. Data is stored and retained as regular e-mail.

Voting on hotlist articles

You can optionally vote for articles on the hotlist. When a vote is given, with consent, the current IP-address of the voter is registered to prevent manipulation. The IP-address registered can be of your (mobile) device, proxy and/or firewall of the building, company etc. The IP-address will be registered as long as the hotlist article exists.
The voting functionality also offers the option to provide feedback either anonymously or, should you request a response, you can enter your e-mail-address, with consent. This personal data is processed identical to data entered in the online forms on the website.


This website is hosted by Aruba S.p.A. in Italy, Europe.
Aruba Business is an Italian company based in Italy: your personal data is managed in Europe, in accordance with European laws (GDPR). Aruba's main services, such as email, hosting and PEC (certified email) are managed exclusively within Italian data centers. These are infrastructures that are Aruba Business owned, which are secured and certified to the highest standards (Rating 4 (former Tier 4)) according to ANSI/TIA 942. Aruba Business has been certified for many years, and complies with the logical, physical and organizational standards imposed by ISO 27001 certification. Aruba Business also has many other certificates, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ANSI/TIA 942. Aruba Business green data centers excel, thanks to the latest technology, certified security standards and total respect for the environment. This means that Aruba Business guarantees the logical and physical security and redundancy of all the systems.

Delivery of personal data to third parties will not hand over or sell received personal data to third parties unless required for criminal investigations. Should start distributing fitting, desirable information to certain target groups, the collected personal information will not be handed over to third parties for handling.

CCPA/CPRA Do Not Sell is a privately owned website and therefore does not fall under the requirements of the CCPA/CPRA legislation.


The website uses https encryption to securely transport your data over the internet.

Changes to Privacy and Cookie Statement will continuously update and revise the privacy en cookie statement to legal and other developments. You are advised to check this Privacy and Cookie Statement on a regular base, so you are aware of changes.
Last changed: 2020-07-25
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