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Hobbies > software

Besides the everlasting interest for (new) office applications, the following applications have been designed:

[*] mc6809 cross assembler with Embarcadero from Borland Pascal
(all instructions are supported, jumps are calculated, definition of variables and data types are implemented)
[*] Debugging software with Embarcadero/Borland C
(32 bit data and addressbus, Reset- and Halttriggering, downloading code from the crossassembler above to a Single Board Computer)
[*] Wordsearch puzzle solver Embarcadero from Borland Pascal
(This program reads the puzzle and the search words. It then solves the puzzle and presents the solution. It can also generate a puzzle)
[*] Networkmanagers utility
(This program uses object oriented classes as a wrapper for dBASE ™ database tables. This program is written for DOS and converted to Windows with Embarcadero from Borland ObjectPascal andC++)
[*] MS-Office '97 en 2000 ™ applications and macro's
(MS-Word animation viewer)
[*] Password generator version 0.1   Embarcadero from Borland Delphi 7
(Generates pronounceable Windows 2000 / 2003 secure passwords. To aid the helpdesk employees of any company, this program also shows the international spelling of the generated passwords.)
[*] E-Coder version 0.1   Embarcadero from Borland Delphi 7
(Creates an anti-spam solution by generating encrypted e-mail addresses for your web-site.)
[*] WebHalla version 0.1
(My easy content management system based on ASP(.net))
[*] SoftwareInventory version 1.0   Embarcadero from Borland Delphi 7
(Tool for Software Asset Management (SAM). Software Asset Management by the program SoftwareInventory scans Windows PC's over the network. Installation of the program SoftwareInventory is not necessary. The program can be started from the login script, the task scheduler or manual. Resulting files can be placed on a central fileserver for analysis.)
[*] Clock Microsoft Visual Studio C#
Clock is the upper most program always showing you the current time and date of more than 3 self selected cities in selectable time zones. Clock is thus ideal for companies having multiple offices in different time-zones as the Windows 10 clock is limited to only three clocks. Clock can be made invisible by hovering the mouse over Clock. This also allows for clicking-trough, so the applications beneath Clock can be accessed without moving or minimizing Clock. Clock is free.
[*] Base64 Decoder Microsoft Visual Studio C#
Base64 Decoder is ideal for decoding Base64 e-mail components and attachments and can be used with Spam and antivirus filters such as Maia Mailguard and build on Maia Mailguard such as Aspav. If other programs provide a Base64 text or raw view, Base64 Decoder can be used to convert, preview and save these files. Because Base64 Decoder runs on the desktop, there is no need to upload confidential files to websites or cloud services.
Base64 Decoder has the unique File Type Guessing feature that tries to detect the file type of the decoded file.
Base64 Decoder is free.
[*] ListPrinters Microsoft Visual Studio C#
ListPrinters is ideal for listing the currently installed printers using the command prompt (CLI) and batch files. The output can be redirected to a text file on a file server share. The output can be parsed for strings using the Windows standard FINDSTR command ListPrinters is free.
[*] DateFormat Microsoft Visual Studio C#
DateFormat is a program to generate dates in the format you want regardless of the current regional date format of the server or currently logged on user. The returned date can be used in Windows batches (.bat, .cmd), PowerShell (.ps1) or scheduled tasks. The program DateFormat can also perform several date calculations and lookups. DateFormat version 3.11 is free.
[*] Used-Diskspace Microsoft Visual Studio C#
Used-Diskspace is a program to display the disk space statistics of the fixed disk(s) of a computer and can be run on the command prompt, in a batch or logon script without administrative rights. When the output is stored as an unicode file on a file server (see examples), command line commands can be used to prepare the data for analysis in Excel. Used-Diskspace version 1.2 is free.
[*] Merge1File Microsoft Visual Studio C#
Merge1File is a program to merge several (unicode) text files in a folder to one resulting file. Merge1File copies the first file completely and drops a specified number of header lines from the consecutive files. Merge1File version 1.2 is free.
[*] FindFileExtension Microsoft Visual Studio C#
FindFileExtension is a program to find files with a particular extension (type) on a disk/folder or share. The output of the program is stored in an Unicode CSV file and can be opened in Excel for further processing. FindFileExtension version 1.0 is free.

Fellow software enthusiast? Ready for the free download? Visit the Software page. Send a mail with your questions or remarks by clicking on the postcard.

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