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Netcon is an independent supplier of the Spam and antivirus filtering product ASPAV
ASPAV is an Anti SPam and Anti Virus filter solution that uses 4 virus filters and has a web based management interface. The customer can manage their own black- and white-lists. The filter learns of all the management mutations (a kind of community effort) so it can respond efficiently and quickly to new risks. ASPAV can be configured per company or E-mail address. E-mails older than a (configurable) number of days will automatically be removed from the filter. The web management interface blocks all images to protect the SPAM managers against confronting and or shocking pictures. ASPAV provides the following categories per company/e-mail addresses:
Non Spam Cache:
This container holds the mails that got delivered to the end-user. The ASPAV manager can train the filter by marking mails that passed the filter as spam.
Spam Cache:
This contains the e-mails marked as spam by the automatic filters. Every e-mail message shows a detailed overview on how the spam ranking is determined. The ASPAV manager can rescue e-mails from this container by marking these as "Non-spam". Other e-mails marked as spam will be irrecoverably removed from the filter.
Virus Cache:
This contains the e-mails that might contain a virus infected attachment. These mails can be removed by the manager or after further investigation send to the user.
Banned-file cache:
This container holds the mails with attachments that contain files that are blocked as required by company policy. The manager can intervene and let the e-mail pass through or remove it irrecoverably.
Bad-header cache:
Some e-mailers try to hide spam behaviour by using incorrect/incomplete sender and server information. Misconfiguration of e-mail sending (web) servers can also create these problems. E-mails can be rescued by selecting "Non-spam" or "Redeliver".


E-mails are shown using a limited rendering that only supports European text and HTML mails. E-mails using East-European and Asian fontsets are not rendered correctly so evaluating these mails with Bing Translate or Google Translate is not possible. This limits filtering to use only Whitelisting and the determined spam-rating.
As the user interface misses handy and large buttons it hinders fast and accurate reviewing of the e-mails.
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